Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?
Dedicated server hosting is when you rent an entire web server from a hosting provider. This differs from shared server hosting when a number of people are hooked into the same server and share the resources on that server amongst themselves.

Why Would You Want a Dedicated Server?
If you want to expand your business then you might consider the dedicated server option. When you rent a whole server you have the customization freedom that you need for your business. If your site happens to overflow with traffic you have additional resources available with a dedicated server at your disposal. With the extra revenue you pay you’ll have a server that runs 24/7 with support and you’ll avoid the downtime you might experience with another type of server. You can upgrade in less time and it’s more cost effective. You can have your new features ready in as little as 24 hours.

How Do You Pick the Right Hosting?
It can be difficult to decide which hosting package will be right for you since they all have many options. You want a package that can handle your traffic flow and your business needs. Your website will need to be large enough to justify the dedicated hosting. The provider should have both adequate front end tool and a back end tool that you can use. An administration panel is always helpful so you can adjust things the way you want.

Dedicated Hosting Types
There are several types of dedicated hosting types. Here’s a brief overview.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting
In this type of hosting you lease a server but don’t own it yourself. Some limited support is included. You get support in general terms so ask the host to let you know what’s included. This type of hosting is often used in the gaming community or for other people into hobbies so don’t expect expert service.

Managed Dedicated Hosting
In managed dedicated hosting you lease a server from a host and have that company provide you with excellent support services. You usually get a hardware warranty, uptime monitoring, security patch updates, and other services. Be sure you know about the services they offer and take full advantage of them.

Colocation Hosting
With Colocation hosting you buy a server from a hardware vendor. You store your server in a shared facility. If one of the servers goes down or needs updates, the web traffic can go to the other server. This can also spread the traffic across all the servers so that one particular server doesn’t get tied up in traffic.

You have more control with your hosting and you don’t have to worry about problems such as scripts crashing the system and bringing down all the computers on the network. If something happens it will be your fault alone and you can pinpoint problems easily.

A dedicated host will also be a whole lot faster. This can be critical if you’re selling all the time and need a solid response time with your server. Your visitors won’t be waiting in a line when you use a dedicated host, they will see your content right away.

Faster response with high traffic loads. Because the server only responds to request for information from your site, visitors won’t have to wait in line to view your Web pages and images.

A dedicated host is also easier to set up and look after. The FTP and SSL encryption is easier if you have a dedicated IP address. With other servers this is difficult to do, Others will charge big dollars to do this for you in many cases.
You won’t have a penalty when it comes to your bandwidth. The last thing you want is your site to go down when you run out of bandwidth, it doesn’t look very professional. With the dedicated server you won’t face restriction on how often your site can be accessed. You have the server and the required bandwidth for your customers and clients.

Pick Dedicated Hosting That’s Right for You

You’ll need to spend some time deciding what dedicated hosting package or server type will be best for you. Once you have decided you can enjoy all the benefits that a dedicated server can give you and your business or hobby.

ServerPronto Dedicated Servers

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How To Create E-Commerce Site Using WordPress

The internet has become a growing trend for consumers who are buying goods more so now than ever before. And that trend is moving in one direction only. You could be in the planning stages of setting up your e-commerce site online, so considering wordpress for your site is a positive and useful decision. WordPress is not just for bloggers.

There are several plugins that are very useful for wordpress sites using e-commerce. It is possible that you may have heard of some of the plugins from other users on e-commerce websites and blogs. But can you be clear what they really do and how they work. One that comes highly recommended is eShop, an all-encompassing fully workable e-commerce system built for wordpress. It’s free to use and the administration and settings area are simple to use. Simple tasks like adding products and checking statistics are also straightforward and easy to apply.

There are many easy, downloadable WordPress themes you can use for your wordpress site too. Themes such as Pagelines, Coraline, Suffusion and Toolbox, are also available for free to download online and use within your e-commerce wordpress site. These themes have a packed set of options. A range of the themes will feature magazine style layouts and drop-down menu options. Many themes are sophisticated, lightweight, and adaptable for using in your e-commerce wordpress site.

Some of the plugins we spoke about earlier use a pay system that can be limited, so be sure to choose one that accepts credit card payments as well as PayPal and Payson options. Two examples of plugins that are good for payment options are PHPurchase and Shopp. E-commerce wordpress sites come with good security encryptions that give peace of mind to your customer. One of main reasons trading still takes place in shopping centers is that many people do not trust the internet. I have heard many folk saying they would never leave their credit card details online. Once this security issue is resolved the booming industry of e-commerce will flourish to the point where one day it will exceed shopping center trading levels.

Web hosting your e-commerce site using wordpress is easy. There are a number of web hosting services available to run your wordpress site and have it up and running in as little as ten seconds. E-Commerce wordpress sites can have a web host package containing all the features that one would need to operate a store online.

Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

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Reseller Web Hosting

Making money by reselling web hosting is easier than ever and there are plenty of quality vendors with web based tools to help you get started. Becoming a web hosting reseller can be a profitable and inexpensive way to make money by offering your own unique brand and tiered pricing plans. With myriad methods of offering such services and a plethora of tools to boot such as plesk reseller hosting opportunities, becoming a reseller is a fast growing turnkey solution to earning a profit online and adding value to web services.

Hosts these days online offer reselling services that are akin to franchises of the top level or parent host. By adopting the capacity of the top level host and rebranding it under your desired name, you are able to offer the infrastructure in the form of reseller hosting cpanel and other necessary tools to potential customers. The sites are managed typically with web based tools or front-ends and most parent hosts will offer such a capability with a suite often described as WHM reseller hosting (Web Host Manager).

Many parent hosts will offer lucrative discounts which is good for resellers but the burden of support that is transferred via some discounts can be time intensive. Fortunately, with the advent of reseller hosting cpanel most customers will have control over the mundane aspects of management of their accounts. On the upside you never have to manage servers or worry about uptime. Tying in web host reselling services with other businesses such as production of websites can add value and hence, profit to an online business.

The cons of reselling have to do principally with issues of support and lack of control. You will be providing a service to potential customers in the form of domain registration and management. While management is accomplished readily enough with packages like plesk reseller hosting, customers will require support which can be provided by the parent host.

Overselling is the technique of simply selling bandwidth and space that you don’t have. This concept works because most customers will not use all of their space or bandwidth. You are able to sell more accounts to users and promise more space and bandwidth than is really available. Care should be taken with this approach as this relies on variables that can be outside of your control.

Customers will seek out support and depending on the quality of your parent host and your own knowledge, they can become dissatisfied if this function does not meet their expectations. Another issue is having a reduced ability to sort out problems by not having root access as most reseller web hosting cpanel functions will be limited by the parent. Finally, if a customer desires special functionality it is not up to you as the reseller but the parent company to make such approvals.

The most useful tip for bootstrapping a reselling endeavor is to do your homework in the form of market research. The competition can be intense so hit the forums and learn all you can about competitive services offering whm reseller hosting or plesk reseller hosting. Finding a quality parent host is critical as you will be relying on their hosting infrastructure. To that end I have found that have some of the best services for resellers.

Reselling web hosting can be a fantastic way to add value to preexisting web services and also a good starting point for the savvy entrepreneur online. With the advent of web based hosting tools and solutions, reselling can be a stress free method for generating revenue streams without the costly overhead.

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To Buy Or Build A Website?

For the first time website owner, the various options available can be quite overwhelming. What should I look for? What hosting companies have the best track records? Should I build the website from scratch or buy a prebuilt one?

So let’s start by taking a look at the option of building your own website. One of the biggest advantages of this is that you get a custom-built website with all of the features that you enjoy. If you were to create an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) such as World of Warcraft, creating a custom-built website would have to be your only option. While having such a website is a really good advantage, this option has some really bad disadvantages for the first time website owner.

To build a website, the first thing that you would need is access to a server. If you were to purchase one for your own use, this option can be rather expensive. Each server can run in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $20,000. You would also need extensive knowledge of Cisco. Cisco, to be specific, is a lot more than a programming language. It is a network protocol. It’s a given set of rules about how different components of a network communicate with each other. This is required as most websites are a network of servers and you will need to know how to set up the servers so that they can communicate effectively with each other and work as one. That’s why, for the average website builder, a web hosting company is the most logical, cost effective, and problem-free option.

You would also need to have knowledge of HTML and several other languages, depending on the specifics of what you would want on your website. HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is required knowledge for the average website builder. Every webpage has programming written in HTML.

If you want your website to be able to store data, such as a customer’s profile, SQL is often the required language. But wait a second! If you are using a web hosting company, check on what options are available. If the website hosting company you are using does not already have the option of gathering data available through their specific website building software, you may not be able to do this. Often, firewalls on their servers prevent such access to them as a way of preventing malicious software from being uploaded to their system.

While HTML and SQL are probably the two most basic languages that you would need to learn to build a successful website, there are several languages that you will need to learn depending on what your needs for your website are. Such languages include, but are not limited to, C++, C#, Java, and Visual Basic.

So we have narrowed down the pros and cons of building a website from absolute scratch. Now, most website hosting companies, such as Fatcow, do offer a very basic website building software for the not so programming literate. This software isn’t usually required to run your website on their servers, but does take a lot of the headache out of creating a website.

So here is a very limited breakdown of some of the different web hosting companies and the options in which they provide:
o Unlimited and free domains on 1 account
o Free website builders
o Unlimited space and file transfer
o Unlimited email accounts
o 24/7 support

o Unlimited space and file transfer
o Free domain name
o 24/7 Security
o 99.9% Uptime guarantee

• GoDaddy
o Unlimited email accounts and email forwarders
o 27/7 customer and tech support
o Free SSL certificate

o Unlimited web space and traffic
o Unlimited domains on 1 account
o 24/7 email and phone support
o 45 day money-back guarantee

So now we have gone over all of the major requirements of building a website with some of the costs and possible frustrations you will experience. As you grow a business online, you have to remember that a website comes with the same frustrations that building a storefront would have. You have to keep records of inventory, maintain customer satisfaction, and a strong marketing front. But there are also some differences with marketing a website. You don’t exactly have a sign that you can put out front to make people come into your shop. So you have to figure out a marketing campaign that is tailored to the unique disadvantage of not having a physical store front. Many businesses have found ways around this by marketing on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter and providing direct links to their services. Companies have also invested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a term that has become more rampant in the writing, web development, and marketing industries in recent years. SEO is the ability to create hidden keywords and phrases within web pages in such a way as to make any particular website appear at the top of search engines when the right keywords are searched for.

As being a former website owner, I understand that it is often difficult to generate the kind of traffic that you need in order to make any money. It often takes upwards of a year in order to generate what I would consider decent traffic. This is one of the benefits of buying a website that is already running. Just like I had mentioned earlier, SEO is very important. Odds are that the website has already been listed in the database of 100’s of search engines. Sometimes, it can take days for a search engine to crawl your site once it is submitted to them. So this is definitely an advantage.

Perhaps the best thing about buying a website is the fact that it is always prebuilt. It has been given all of the features that it needs to be successful. But be careful. You never truly know why the person you are buying the site from is backing out of the business. They may say one reason or another, but it will not be until you actually take over the reign of the business that you truly find out.

Hopefully, this will make everything much clearer for you if you are deciding to make or buy a website. Overall, it is recommended that you build your own website. It will be a lot of hard work, filled with countless hours of staring at your computer screen, but it will be all worth it. You will be able to build custom site to service each and every need that you have, which can prove difficult for you to create as a website owner and frustrate your customers if you buy an already successful website. You will also be experiencing the financial rewards of your hard work.

by Brian David M.

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Form Creator

There is time when you need to create a form on your website to collect some information from your website visitors.I created such form at this post . Since I am hosting a Kindle Fire giveaway, I need to collect the information of competitors such as name, e-mail address etc. After the information is collected through a form, they will be stored in a database. This makes it easy for me to process the data.

Forms can be created by simply drag and drop the required fields. Forms can be designed in such a way that it prevents invalid data from being collected. If alphabets are keyed- into a field that is meant for a date, they will not be captured into the form but an error message will be displayed telling the user that the data entered is invalid. To embed the form onto your website, all you need to do is just to copy and paste a few lines of pre-written html codes.

Thereafter, you can easily collect information of your website visitors by letting them fill in several fields on the form you created.

There are many “What Is See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) form creator around but I will introduce some of the best below.

Zoho Form Creator

Zoho Creator provides 15 days free- trial so that you can try out the premium features of its form creator. Its forever free plan can be used to maintain 1,000 records. It has 5 different paid plans that range from $15- $175 to cater the needs of various customers. It offers discount for non- profit organization.

Wufoo Form creator

Wufoo is free if you use it to create 3 forms/ reports with 10 fields and 100 entries per month. Some of their clients include Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, New South Wales Government and Harvard University. If you need to store more records, you can subscribe to their plans that range from price of $15- $175 per month. On PAID accounts, if you exceed the number of entries allowed for the month, a fee of $0.05 USD per entry over the limit will be charged to your account at the end of your billing period.

Jotform form creator

Unlike similar services, Jotform does NOT show ads or show a logo on your form. All features are available to Free users. Its paid plan comes with 30 days money back guarantee. Their clients include Facebook and BBC. Jotform has one of the best rates among similar form creator as its most expensive plan is only $49.95 per month but it can store 1,000,000 submissions per month.

Apnitro Pform self- hosted form creator

Apnitro pForm, can be used to create self- hosted forms. You just to pay a one- time fee of $39 for a license to install their form to one site. However, you need to have your own server to host the data.

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Web Hosting Giftcard from Dreamhost

Dreamhost Web Hosting Gift Card
Are you running out of gift idea for this holiday season or any other special occasions? A gift card for web hosting can be one of the most special and useful gift for your friend.

Purchasing a Dreamhost Gift Card is convenient and easy. Select any dollar amount up to USD $119.40, the price of a one-year Shared Server hosting plan.

Features of shared hosting plan:
-Unlimited disk storage
-Unlimited bandwidth
-Unlimited domain hosted
-Unlimited Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP Users
-Unlimited E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP/Webmail)
-The One-Click Installer allows you to quickly install and upgrade some of the most popular applications, including WordPress, photo galleries, eCommerce, calendars and much more. Even your least tech- savvy friend can create a website effortlessly.
-100% uptime guarantee.

Once you purchase the Gift Card, DreamHost will send you a link to the Gift Card ID. The ID code will allow the recipient to redeem the gift’s value during the sign-up process on or through the web panel’s Gift Card tab.

Dreamhost has been in the web hosting business for 14 years. You don’t have to worry about the credibility of this gift.

There is no expiry date to the gift card. Your friend can keep it for as long as he like and create a website anytime.

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Buy Or Win An Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

I will be giving away one or more units of Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, each worth US $199, in this contest.

This is the first ever giveaway I host. The prize must be given away.

This contest is only open to resident from U.S as the Kindle Tablet to be given away will only be shipped to a U.S address.

How to participate?
To enter the contest, you need to write an article that meets certain criteria.

Each person can submit up to a maximum of three 500- words articles.

You have to write articles according to the topics and points I provided. The articles will be about web hosting.

Each of the 100 articles will have different topic.

Each article submitted must pass Copyscape premium test and I own all exclusive rights to the articles I received.

When this contest ends?
This contest will end once I receive 100 entries that meet the conditions. One prize winner will then be selected from the articles submitter. You will have high chance of winning a Kindle Tablet. Please help to spread the word for this contest by sharing this piece of news with your friends at Twitter, Facebook, Google +

I may give out more units of Kindle Tablet should the response to this contest is overwhelming.

Please fill in the form to submit entry for this contest. I will contact you shortly regarding the title of article you need to write to enter this contest. You need to write an article with points as required.

Please ensure that you provided the correct information in the form as you might be the winner. reserves the rights to change the rules anytime during this contest.

However, if you can’t wait to own a Kindle Fire Tablet, purchase it now from

Some of the great features of Amazon Fire Tablet are:
• 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books
• Thousands of popular apps and games
• Ultra-fast web browsing – Amazon Silk
• Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content
• 7” Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle
• Fast, powerful dual-core processor
• Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows

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Great WordPress Plugins For WordPress Site

Plugins can extend WordPress to accomplish almost anything you can or cannot visualize. Each of these WordPress plugins are used at WebKnowHows and I personally recommend each of them to you. Some of the plugins listed below have been downloaded several millions times by fellow WordPress users. This further shows public confidence towards those plugins designed for WordPress.

All in One SEO Pack . Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo provide a great source of free traffic.

Downloaded: 8,826,862 times

Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

Downloads: 6,209,199 times

Contact Form 7– When running a blog you need to allow your users to contact you easily.

Downloaded: 4,856,950 times

This was created using Contact Form 7.
Contact Form 7

WP- Pagenavi – Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog.

Downloaded: 1,860,661 times

Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. Includes an admin dashboard widget that displays a graph of the last 30 days of visitors, a summary of site usage, the top pages, the top referrers, and the top searches

Downloaded: 1,577,411 times

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin- Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) provides a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. Your readers may stay on your blog for a longer time to read more content.

Downloaded: 1,198,181 times

With AddThis button, your website visitors can promote your content by sharing to 295 of the most popular social networking and bookmarking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and MySpace) using a small and unobtrusive button. This increases your chance of getting more traffic to your site.

By signing up for a free account to see how your visitors are sharing your content: which services they’re using for sharing, which content is shared the most, and more.

Downloaded: 571,148 times

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

Downloaded: 469,353 times

Commentluv . This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.

Downloaded: 420,722 times

WP-Table Reloaded- Create table easily when you need to make a comparison between several things. You can include the tables into your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode or a template tag function. Tables can be imported and exported from/to CSV, XML and HTML. You can look at table I created using Wp-Table Reloaded plugin at

Downloaded: 290,365 times

WordPress Thread Comment - This Plugin is an enhancement for WordPress’s comment function. It enables users to reply on a exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested. This easily creates conversations between author and blog commenter.

Downloaded: 131,814 times

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator- Other than a XML sitemap, you need a true sitemap generator which is highly customizable from its own options page in the WordPress admin panel.

Sitemap Generator

*The above are download figures as at time of publication of this post.

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17 Ways To Promote A Blog

Blogging is a marathon that requires time and dedication. Without readers, a blogger will be lack of motivation to maintain his blog. To increase traffic of a blog, you need to promote it. You should not only rely on organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. There are many other marketing techniques you can make use of to gain traffic to your blog. The following are some of the free or paid marketing techniques you can use to increase the traffic of your blog tremendously:

1) If you have the budget, you can advertise your blog using Google Adwords, Facebook, Buysellads & more. Advertising can be a fast way to gain instant traffic to your blog. However, you should carefully and creatively create your ads so that you can get “effective” traffic without wasting your money.

2) Submit your blogs to blog search engine and directories.

3) Comment on other blogs so that you can place your blog url on other blogs. Plugin like “Commentluv” reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. If you comment on blogs using such plugin, other readers might click on the link to visit your blog if they find your blog title interesting.

4) Join as many forums as possible and add your blog URL or web address of your blog as signature. To increase the exposure of your signature, you should always provide constructive posts on forum.

5) Create “bookmarking” buttons such as AddThis button so that blog visitors can easily share your posts over and over again on Facebook, Twitter and more.

6) Add your blog URL as a signature of every e-mail you send out.

7) Update your blog regularly with fresh contents. This allows search engine to crawl for the content on your blog. Content is always king when it comes to blogging. If your content is useful, your existing readers will share them with their peers. By writing timeless content, you can get readers even if your blog posts are ten years old.

8) Create and give away blog themes (with a link to your blog in the footer). However, you need to be good in HTML. You can also hire someone to create the blog theme for you.

9) Create your own RSS feeds to syndicate your content. By placing a prominent RSS feeds logo, you can entice readers to subscribe to your feeds.
Is this attractive enough for you to subscribe to my RSS feeds?

If yes, thanks for your support.

10) Exchange links with other bloggers.

11) You can be a guest blogger on other blogs that have similar niche as your blog. When you guest blog, you will get a link back to your blog. If your content is great, your articles will be selected by blogs with authority and increase your blog traffic by ten- fold.

12) Tweet your blog to your followers. You can get a lot of traffic if your tweets are retweeted.

13) Make sure your blog is search- engine optimized. With high page ranking, your blog will appear on first few pages of search engine results. Websites with high search engine page ranking tend to get more free traffic. If you are using WordPress, you should use plugin like “All In one Seo Pack” to do the job.

14) Create plugins for popular blogging platform like wordpress. If your plugin is popular, you can gain a lot of traffic for your blog. You can recommend products on the plugin option page. Your recommendations will be seen by all your plug- in users as it is a page that they must see to activate the plugin and do the settings.

As an example, you look at the setting page of “All In One Seo Plugin”

All-In-One- Seo- Plugin Option page

15) Use plugin like “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin”. You can recommend other blog posts related to your current post to your blog visitors by using such plugin. In this way, your readers will spend a longer time on your blog. This will in turn increase the chance of your readers clicking on your affiliate links to make a purchase.

16) Advertising exchange. You can negotiate with other bloggers so that you can advertise on each other’s blog for free. Newbie bloggers who need traffic badly without spending a dime will accept such offer. This creates a win- win situation for both.

17) Post an intriguing video on Youtube that can attract lots of views. When you post a video on Youtube, you can add your website link on the description.

Do you have other blog marketing techniques to share?

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FAQ of Blogging

FAQs of Blogging

If you are new to the term Blogging, you will have many doubts about it. The following FAQs of Blogging will solve your doubts.

Do you need to spend money to blog?
The answer is no. You can start blogging using free blogging platform like and As you progress, you can move to a self- hosted blogging platform like like what I did. To host a blog, you need a domain name and web hosting account.

How often should you blog?
The best is every day as you will have a lot of content for Google to crawl. I know it is difficult to juggle between full- time job and blogging. Just try your best to write a post as frequent as possible. You may hire freelancers to write for your blog.

How to earn money through blogging?
Selling advertising space is the most common way of earning money used by bloggers.

What should you blog about?
It is advisable to blog about what you are passionate about. Something is worth blogging about as long as it is useful.

How do you earn money from a blog that you want to discontinue?
Flip the blog. On average, you can flip your blog for an amount equivalent to one year’s income. You can then invest the money on another online project.

Must you write your own content?
Depends on your personal ability to write, its best to write your own articles as you don’t have to worry about copyrights issue. Guest blogging is a great way of building back links and free content for your blog. By hiring freelancers to write for your blog, you have to worry about a few issues, namely the originality and quality of articles.

Who are the successful bloggers that you can look upon?
Darren Rowse , John Chow , Yaro Starak

How do you communicate with blog readers?
By replying to their comments or invite them to join you in Facebook or Twitter.

How to attract regular readers?
Encourage them to subscribe to your RSS feeds.

How to make a blog more vibrant?
Post a video, organize a contest, give out prizes, organize a survey and giving out free e-books.

What are other issues you need to take care of while blogging?
Search engine optimization and number of unique visitors you get.

Blogging can be fun and rewarding if you manage it well.

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